Sweden Car Graveyard
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This is Sweden's incredible automobile cemetery, with more than 1.000 cars

If it is not a record, it will be close, since we are talking about more than a thousand vehicles that little by little are forming a unit with the forest.

La sweden car graveyard history It is most curious. She started no less than in 1935, that is, almost 90 years ago, with Åke Danielsson, who lived in Ryd (Sweden), and who bought a forest plot to exploit it. After World War II, the business grew so much that it began to need certain machinery. In fact, he built a crusher himself using used car engines. Little by little, the increasingly numerous remains of automobiles accumulated, which It ended up becoming a small spare parts business.. In fact, it ended up outgrowing the original business.

Sweden Kyrkö Car Graveyard
The car cemetery in Kyrkö (Sweden) offers unique images.

The car “collection” continued to grow until 1974, the year in which Åke Danielsson bought his last car. Our protagonist made sure that the vehicles did not contaminate the forest, for which he eliminated all fluids, such as oil, gasoline and even batteries. Little by little, The vehicles were integrated with the forest vegetation, acquiring an appearance that quickly caught the attention of tourists and curious onlookers.


Over the years, Åke Danielsson received a requirement from the City Council ordering him to remove all the cars and send them to a place so that they could be conveniently recycled. The deadline was November 1998, but bad weather came to the rescue and prevented Sweden's car graveyard from being dismantled. Finally, social pressure achieved a moratorium preserving this unique exhibition mix of nature and technology.

Walking through that forest, finding cars and tractors of the most varied brands It has to be a unique experience. Volvo, Saab or dozens of Volkswagen Beetle They sleep the sleep of the righteous surrounded by trees, as you can see in the video we publish below. Also, although Åke Danielsson died in 2000, Sweden's car graveyard moratorium doesn't end until 2047, so you have plenty of time to go visit him in Kyrkö, in the South of Sweden.

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