Finding: This SEAT 127 LS has no one to rescue it

It's really sad to find a classic abandoned to its fate in the middle of the field. In the case of our protagonist, it seems that he will never regain his former vigor.

When it comes to finding a car abandoned to its fate, popular classics are usually usually the injured. That's exactly what happens with the SEAT 127LS protagonist of this story, a specimen that has ended its days in the middle of a cherry orchard, literally. Presumably he was parked there temporarily, but his current status tells us that never got to shoot again.

As we see, it is a two-door version, the one originally marketed, with trunk lid instead of tailgate. Let's remember that the 127 It was presented to the national press in Lanzarote in April 1972 with this configuration, although by the end of the year it had also been launched with a tailgate. Therefore, the car It was sold in our country with two, three, four and five-door bodies., in addition to there being a commercial variant. Only the family member was missing, which was manufactured in Italy in a small series.

El SEAT 127 It was the first model of the brand to adapt to the new Times, incorporating front engine and drive. In addition, it debuted rack-and-pinion steering and McPherson-type suspension on the front axle. Everything helped it to become an overwhelming success, surpassing the record for the number of units produced for the 1978 in 600. Just one year later, it reached the million copies y It ended its career with 1.294.235 units assembled.


As we see, the car is in pretty bad condition, although the bodywork holds up despite spending what is surely decades outdoors. In fact, it retains the four wheels with their corresponding tires, although the wheels do not belong to the model, they look more like a somewhat more modern SEAT. They could even be from a Simca 1200.

The front window is broken, as well as one of the side windows, so we can get an idea of ​​what the interior will be like. Of first, the back seat is gone, possibly to be used in some part of the property or in some premises. The front ones, with headrests, They are not the originals, nor is the sports steering wheel three spokes or the gear knob.

The owner liked the competition, as the exterior is full of stickers from automotive-related suppliers. Besides, It has a fake air intake on the hood.. Next, we leave you with the full video of the channel Alfredo Yugo's YouTube, where you will discover all the secrets of the abandoned SEAT 127 LS.

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Written by Ivan Vicario Martin

I am lucky to have turned my passion into my way of earning a living. Since I left the Faculty of Information Sciences in 2004, I have been professionally dedicated to motor journalism. I started in the magazine Coches Clásicos in its beginnings, going on to direct it in 2012, the year in which I also took charge of Clásicos Populares. Throughout these almost two decades of my professional career, I have worked in all types of media, including magazines, radio, the web and television, always in formats and programs related to the engine. I am crazy about the classics, Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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