[su_dropcap style = »light» size = »4 ″] N [/ su_dropcap] here in Ciudad Real in 1988, a place at first not very similar to old cars. Fortunately, my grandfather, dedicated to the automotive sector, had friends who owned veteran cars and participated in the annual rally that was held (and continues to be held) in my hometown; I always ended up in one of the cars, and maybe that's why my hobby started from an early age. When I was 7 years old, I received one of the biggest surprises of my life: my family had bought a beat-up 201 Peugeot 1931. When they told me, I was moved, tears included.

Since then I have been lucky enough to be able to drive and restore various classics, as well as to meet wonderful people related to vintage vehicles, many times through these worlds of the internet. Who was going to say to me that in the end this support was going to give many more opportunities than our "dear paper", to which I am addicted since in August 1993 I bought my first Classic Engine, a Hispano Suiza special that made me go crazy for that legendary brand and for any type of car, the rarer and older the better.

Currently I collaborate from the shadows in several Spanish and English publications of this world, in addition to working in the open here, in Classic Motor and on the web Prewarcar.com. Ah! I almost forgot: I have a degree in Law and Journalism.


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