For sale this AUTHI Mini 850 from 1974 with only 21.000 kilometers

The Mini 850 produced by AUTHI is a very good option as a first classic; Benzin now has a well-maintained unit.

Just a few weeks ago we published a article in which we suggested Mini 850 as a perfect option to get started in the love of classics. Clearly known and recognized, it not only has the appeal of being an icon of automotive design but can also offer the option of driving that is totally different from that experienced in current vehicles.

Likewise, with a price range open between 3.000 and 9.000 euros, few other classics can provide a good amount of attractiveness, fun and historical interest in such a notable way. All this with the possibility of acquiring it under the AUTHI seal; being therefore, and even to the sting of certain fans easily excited to complain and disagree, a true "National Production" since this concept does not refer so much to the authorship of the design as to that of the assembly.

And, as it illustrates very well this unit from 1974 available in Petrol, the Mini 850 was produced at the Landaben factory since 1970 as an entry-level alternative to the range previously headed by the Mini 1000 with 998 cc. Thanks to this, this model with 37 CV to 5.500 rpm For its only 615 kilos, it is a perfect option for those who, in addition to the inherent attractions of the Mini, are looking for a unit relative to the "National Production".


Although it could never successfully oppose SEAT or FASA, the AUTHI factory offered under patent for the Spanish market of the time some of the most original vehicles in our entire industrial history. Proof of this was the suspension Hydrolastic mounted on the 1100–1300 as well as in the Victoria responsible for starring in recent years in the factory later acquired by SEAT.

Thus, AUTHI offered the Mini since the late sixties.national” in order to compete especially with the 850. However, the displacement of the AUTHI-Mini 1000 - the first representative of the saga assembled in Spain– was one step above the model manufactured under Fiat license, which is why in 1970 AUTHI presented the Mini 850 as the access alternative.

Access alternative that, more than half a century later, is presented to us as a perfect option for those who want to start collecting because, although its cylinder capacity is so small, the truth is that it is more than enough if what you want is to enjoy a driving with sensations to the surface of asphalt.

In this respect, the unit available in Benzin for the next three days it has a good state of conservation having benefited from a complete yellow repaint. Well, it could be the historic vehicle you've been dreaming of for years. Make up your mind and, if so, enjoy the security and comfort offered by Benzin in its auctions; a reference for our classic and preclassic market.

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Written by Miguel Sánchez

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