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Friends of the Tractors D'epoca del Bages
apartat de correus 33
Sant Vicenç de Castellet
Barcelona 08295 Catalunya
Tel: 686 676 715
Contact: Mr. Albert Torras

Spanish Association of Friends of Agricultural Machinery
Plaza Mayor 1
40140 Valverde del Majano
Loss: 619 22 88 91
Contact: Eloy Galván (President)

Galician Association of Friends of Classic Agricultural Machinery (AGAMAC)
C / Eirexe, 1 (Trasliste)
Tel: 649 932 307
e-mail: agamac@agamac.org
Contact: Manolo Ata

Association for the Recovery and Conservation of Buses (ARCA)
Rosales Street. 43
08208 Sabadell
e-mail: associacio@arca-bus.org
Contact: Mr. Joaquín Canales Saez

Association for the Rehabilitation of Classic Industrial Vehicles (ARVIC)
Pol. Industrial La Estación, 10
30594 Strait of Cartagena Well
Tel: 692 578 926
e-mail: Asociacion_arvic@hotmail.com
Contact: Oscar Cegarra

Tran-Bus Association
e-mail: actuaemt@yahoo.es

Club Nacional Hispano Suiza Pegaso
C / Clara Campoamor 26
41820 Carrion de los Cespedes
e-mail: hspegaso@yahoo.es
Tel: 654 031 963
Contacts: Juan Antonio Estepa

Eduardo Barreiros Foundation
Alfonso XII, 44
28014 Madrid - Spain
Loss: 914 11 92 20
Contacts: Ms. Mariluz Barreiros

Retro Car Club Ronçana
Civic and Cultural Center "La Fábrica"
Camí del Gual, s / n
08187 Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana
e-mail: jastudillo@astro-corp.com
Contact: Josep Astudillo [/ tab]
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