Automotive Heritage Days 2016

HR Automotive Heritage Days 2016, announced by the Spanish Federation of Antique Vehicles -FEVA- at the end of last July, they will take place during the next month of September. These have a twofold purpose: on the one hand, they aim to celebrate classic vehicles of all kinds in style at a European level; and, on the other, to carry out a show of force in the face of Public Administrations that highlights how much the fans contribute to society. And it is that, as you know, our old irons they are part of the historical heritage.

And what exactly do the Heritage Days consist of? Well, in that in all the activities celebrated by the clubs affiliated to FEVA during the month of September - gatherings, rallies, exhibitions, conferences ... - a common number provided is used. by the federation at the symbolic price of 1 euro per plate. This is done on a continental level and this is how the strength of the so-called European Movement in favor of the Antique Vehicle is demonstrated year after year.

2016 is a more important year if possible than the previous ones, since UNESCO supports it as FIVA Year of World Automotive Heritage. After contributing our grain of sand, we encourage all fans to strongly support the Heritage Days 2016; they give a good image but, above all, they unite us.

What do you think?

The Escudería

Written by The Escudería

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