62nd Rally Costa Brava

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To reward the good work you do RallyClassics Since the change of orientation of the Rally Costa Brava to the world of historical vehicles, the FIA ​​has awarded this season the maximum coefficient (3) to this valid test for the 'FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship', comparing its importance with that of appointments mythical like Sanremo or Acropolis.

The 62nd Rally Costa Brava of maximum continental punctuation is, in parallel, scoring for the 'FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies', making it one of the few European events that combines speed with regularity on closed roads for classic cars.

The other great and important point of interest of the 62 Rally Costa Brava are the dates on which it will be held, since precisely this new configuration of the European event has advised its change in the calendar, moving from the fourth to the first quarter of the year. Therefore, this season will be held on March 14 and 15, 2014, somewhat closer to the historical dates that the Costa Brava had of yesteryear.


The 62 Rally Costa Brava is also valid for the Spanish championships, trophies and cups for Historic Vehicles in its Speed ​​and Regularity variants. Similarly, a section is also planned for those who prefer to participate in the Regularity Sport (60 km / h) and Super Sport (70 km / h) mode. All this conglomerate of possibilities promises to be another of the strengths of the rally, which will host a very large participation.

Itinerary and participants

The 62 Rally Costa Brava will consist of an itinerary with two stages, eleven timed sections –four of them different–, which will account for 180,4 km of the total 554 km route. The stages to be contested are “Els Àngels” (15,12 km), which will be given two afternoons on the evening of March 14, and “Cladells” (14,54 km), “Espinelves-Collsaplana” (23 km ) and “Osor” (12,51 km), which must be given three passes on Saturday March 15th.

The structure of the rally, Based in Girona, it is divided between that capital and Lloret de Mar, the protagonist of the outing. After passing the administrative checks at the Hotel Gran Ultonia in Girona (with the possibility of doing so on March 11, 12 and 13), the Girona-Fontajau Municipal Pavilion will host the morning of the 14, and for the first time, the technical checks ( from 9:30 a.m. to 15:00 p.m.) in a magnificent covered space very close to La Devesa. The service park will be there again, a focus of interest for the large public who come to enjoy a legendary event such as the Rally Costa Brava.

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TVE news about the 60th edition, held in 2012

After the verifications, the teams will leave for Lloret de Mar, from where the official start of the race will take place (18pm) on the usual podium installed on the Paseo Marítimo. This act will mark the official start of the first stage, ending on Saturday the 14th from 22:15 p.m. in the Parque de la Copa, in front of La Devesa de Girona. In the second stage, entirely during the day, in addition to the departure (8:30 a.m.) and arrival (20:12 p.m.) in the Plaza de la Independencia (where the village will be), the cars will pass up to three times through La Devesa for the regroupings and parks of attendance, at 04:15 a.m., 53:19 p.m. and 30:XNUMX p.m.

Among the 102 cars entered there are no less than two Lancia Rally 037 and a Lancia Stratos, as well as more than thirty Porsche models 911 (with a wide variety of versions and level of preparation), 914, 924 and 944. In addition to the two above, Twelve other brands will be represented: Alfa Romeo, Audi, Autobianchi, BMW, Datsun, Ford (Cortina Lotus, Capri, Escort and Sierra), Peugeot, Renault, SEAT (Panda, Marbella, 124, 127, 1430 and Ibiza), Talbot, Triumph and Volkswagen, a large and varied grid for fans of classic rallies.


The test has the participation of several teams aligned by SEAT Historic Cars, a brand that has devoted one more year contributing five vehicles from its private collection: three SEAT Ibiza 1.5 GLX, a SEAT 124 FL 2000 and a SEAT 127.


As usual, the Spanish brand will present the most varied crews, highlighting the one formed by the actor Santi Millán and the brand's Communication Director, Fernando Salvador, who will commemorate with this action the 30 years of life of the Ibiza, a model that The former Spanish Champion Mia Bardolet will also lead, teaming up with Eloi Alsina.

In this edition, the brand that will provide the entire fleet of vehicles that make up the rally's safety and service caravan is BMW, which for the first year enters the organization of the Costa Brava Rally as Official Car, also making it available to the authorities and international commissioners the best range of the German brand.

In addition, among the participants a total of thirteen BMW units will delight the viewer, with a complete range that goes from the historical models 318, 323 and 325 to the oldest and most admired 2002 and 3.0 CSI. Three M3s will also be present, one of them exPep Bassas that will be driven by the renowned pilot Francesc Gutiérrez.

* Photographs provided by the organizer
** Check the spectator safety rules



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