BRIAC 50th Anniversary: ​​Classic Armored Media Parade

On Sunday May 12, as part of the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the BRIAC (Armored Infantry Brigade 'Guadarrama XII'), a biker march was carried out from Madrid's Plaza de Cibeles and ended at the 'El Goloso' barracks. There had been required the Veteran Car Club of Spain to participate in the media parade classic battleships with its pre-wars; yes, yes, you read that right, armored media parade (tanks included) prior to 1960. So that later they say that those of the classic cars are some geeks ...

For some years now, the 'El Goloso' barracks has kept a tank museum inside, where various mechanized means of great historical value are exhibited, along with uniforms and other objects. This museum can be visited. Thanks to the efforts of the BRIAC commanders, these living pieces of military history have been preserved and recovered, complemented by the temporary transfer of some tanks and other armored equipment from private collections.

With this magnificent fund as the axis of the acts, His Excellency the BRIAC General José Conde and his staff organized the military act more spectacular and colorful that a server has recently attended.

BRIAC parade, also with cars

In the barracks the different historical means available had been arranged, with which it was possible to take photos and enjoy every detail; all perfectly organized for decades from the 20s to the present day. So far normal ...

At 11:30 in the morning the parade began -also organized for decades-, opened by 2 cars from the Veteran Car Club of Spain, a 1917 Cadillac and a 1918 Berliet. so that people could recognize the era of the military milieu that paraded alongside them, since it is difficult for laymen to temporarily contexturize a tank.

Thus, for example, the party began with a tank from our civil war flanked by a magnificent Packard 120 and a DKW Convertible; It's a shame but this time a Renault tank from the decade of the 10-20 could not parade because it still lacks some detail of the engine to restore.


The next day 18 more ...

This is how cars and tanks paraded through the central esplanade of 'El Goloso' to the delight of the thousands of fans who were there. A plastic experience, where apart from the image that you. come we could enjoy of the roar and smell of military vehicles. In addition, with everything duly narrated and explained to the attendees by an announcer who was providing complete information on armored cars and media.

After the parade, attendees were able to have a snack with a generous "tapa" at prices really popular, in the different tents that had been arranged by the participating units.

My sincere congratulations to the organization and to remind you, Mr. Lector, that if you missed this parade and would like to have seen it, you have an excellent opportunity at the open house that will take place. next Sunday 18.

What do you think?

Antonio Silva

Written by Antonio Silva

My name is Antonio Silva, I was born in Madrid in 1973. Thanks to my company I have been able to know first-hand all the national vehicle factories and a few of the European ones, as well as many of the component factories, this being nothing but an incentive more for my hobby ... View all


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