ferrari 500 vs cancer

500 Ferrari against Cancer, for all

Passion and solidarity are the causes of Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari against Cancer, French event held on the Val du Vienne circuit, very close to Poitiers.

It takes place the first weekend of June and the main objective of Jean-Pierre Doury, its organizer, is to bring together the largest number of machines for three days to raise funds with which to finance the cancer research carried out by the Cancerology unit of the University Center of the Hospital de Poitiers.

El Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari against Cancer It started 21 years ago - at that time there were "only" 100 Ferrari against cancer - and since then it has raised more than 3.200.000 euros for the cause. For this important work, several auctions of small gadgets are carried out, such as gloves or competition helmets given by pilots, pictures or signed books, among other automobilia.

But the bulk of the matter is clearly in the so-called track baptisms where, for a price of 25 euros, it is possible to get into a Ferrari, Lamborghini or other similar cars to give three or four laps of the circuit. If you are lucky you can fall into an F40 or a Testarossa and that they give you a few turns at a fairly considerable speed. Although it seems expensive, I can tell you that the public is completely involved.

308/328 Anniversary: ​​Fioravanti

Every year an anniversary of the Maranello house is celebrated, and in this edition it was the turn of the Ferrari 308, for its 40 years, and the 328, for its 30 (See comparison). The great architect of its design was present, Leonardo Fioravanti, who also has to his credit other red models such as the Daytona, the Dino 246, the BB or the 288 GTO.

The legendary Fioravanti presided over the celebrations and parade of the 308 and 328 entourage, and spoke about his profession during the gala on Saturday and using unpublished sketches and drawings. He also signed his first book and graciously served the press and fans. This is nice.

There was also the presence of renowned ex-drivers such as Rene Arnoux or Henri Pescarolo, who showed that they have not lost an iota of skill at the controls of their Inaltera Rondea and Matra V12.

The Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari against Cancer is an event of mostly modern cars, although a large group of classic jewels also meet. Examples are in abundance, but we could mention the Jaguar SS and D Type, the two-seater F1 from Pescarolo or the Lola T70, Porsche 906, Ford GT that beat copper in track races, which there are also.

So let's focus on what we like, old machinery. With regard to the leading brand, Ferrari, several of the cavallinos stood out above the rest: On the one hand there were ex-Le Mans sport models such as the one-off 308GT4 / LM or the brutal 512 BB LM; on the other, in the F1 section the 641 with which Alain Prost raced the 1990 season and the F93 piloted by another French master, Jean Alesi, were present.

In competition, the 308 GTB Gr4 Michelotto and a 250 GT Boano stood out; Let's take this opportunity to remember that the models of this bodybuilder are increasingly valued. And already in street models, the 330 GTS, 365 GT 2 + 2, 250 GT, 275 GTB, 365 GTC / 4, 330 GT 2 + 2 Chinese Eyes, 250 GT california, and the only 212 export unit with Motto bodywork.

However, Not all that glitters is gold. Thursday opens the circuit to the call Open Pit Lane, free sleeves for those visitors who want to make first steps with their sports, whether they are Ferraris or not. There is also room on Saturday for a parade for popular classics, and the arrival of the Tourist Rally Charente-Limousine, that after a few hundred kilometers visiting villas and castles It ends in Val du Vinne with the entrance to the track and its corresponding parade.

Ferrai Vs. Cancer: Not only cars ...

In short, the Sport & Collection 500 Ferrari against Cancer is an event with a festive and family atmosphere where there is no shortage of restaurants, shops and other entertainment. In addition, to take advantage of the trip, you can make several tourist visits; and it is that the Vienne area, belonging to the Poitou-Charentes region, well deserves it ...

Villages with spectacular abbeys, castles or palaces such as Montmorillon, Chateauroux or the fantastic town Oradour sur Glane, preserved in the state in which it remained after its destruction in the Second World War - several cars wounded by German artillery rest here - highlight the tourist potential of this beautiful region of the neighboring country.

Even about 50 kilometers from the circuit it is possible to visit the Museum of Auto Moto Velo, which is located in the heart of the small town of Chatellerault in a curious location, the heart of an old arms factory. A perfectly preserved building and surroundings house in its more than 3000m2 a remarkable collection of approximately 200 historical motorcycles and vehicles. What more could you want!


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