Oldtimer GP Nürburgring, a room with a view

AvD stands for one of the two great automobile clubs that exist in Germany, the Automobilclub von Deutschland.

In addition to its classic motorist support activities, the AvD organizes meetings and sporting events in the field of classic cars. Its biggest annual event, both in relation to its size and in terms of the participation of registered teams and the attending public, is the Oldtimer Grand Prix of the Nürburgring.

As we know, the other big club, the ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automovil-Club), organizes the Eifelrennen, event of which they had news recently the readers of The Escudería.

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Credit: User jensst82, from Youtube

From August 9 to 11, 2013, the AvD organized the 41st edition of its star event, with a varied range of attractions summarized in huge lists of participants in the following categories:


→ Race 1 - FIA Lurani Trophy, Formula Junior

→ Race 2 - FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship (entered by Spanish Joaquín Folch with Brabham BT49C from 1981)

→ Race 3 - Revival German Championship 1972-1981

→ Carrera 4 - Racing cars and GT until 1961

→ Race 5 - Historic Grand Prix Cars until 1960 (Spanish Joaquín Folch with Maserati 250F from 1956)

→ Race 6 - FIA Masters Historic Formula 1 Championship

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High-value cars, such as the Ferrari 250GT SWB, do not hesitate to participate
High-value cars, such as the Ferrari 250GT SWB, do not hesitate to participate


→ Race 7 - Gentlemen Drivers (GT until 1965, Spanish Joaquín Folch entered with Jaguar E from 1962)

→ Carrera 8 - Vehicles before 1940

→ Carrera 9 - BMW racing

→ Race 10 - AvD Touring Cars Trophy, from 1947 to 1965.

Race 11 - AvD Historic Marathon (registered the Spanish Carles Barangé and Enrique Clúa with Porsche 356C from 1964)

→ Race 12 - Nürburgring Trophy

→ Carrera 13 - Vintage

→ Carrera 14 - Revival DTM / STW

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The best room with views of the classic panorama
The best room with views of the classic panorama



→ Porsche 50 911th Anniversary Parade

→ Return to the Nordschleife of Stefan Bellof's Porsche 956

→ Exhibition 90th birthday of Le Mans

→ Autograph signing sessions

→ Classics auction

→ Presentation of new models, such as Jaguar and Alfa Romeo

→ Accessories stores

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A stylish Mercedes-Benz 300SL from Sweden
A stylish Mercedes-Benz 300SL from Sweden

Money well spent

If the program of activities was exhaustive for the participants, it was also exhaustive for the spectators, with races without interruption that began every day at eight thirty in the morning and continued without rest until nine twenty at night.

The fact that only three Spaniards were registered in the Oldtimer Grand Prix tests indicates how poorly developed the hobby at a high international level is in our country, or it reveals the high participation costs that make these tests remain reserved for exclusively for the truly wealthy. Both are probably true.

Rigorous tips for those who want to attend as spectators Future editions of this great German event are, in this case more than ever: attending in good physical shape and wearing the most comfortable footwear possible. Essential ingredients in view of the many kilometers that will be necessary to travel to be at the center of the action at all times, whether inside the paddock, in the stands or in the middle of the mountains along the old Nordschleife route.

Not counting the visits to the commercial area integrated into the new facilities, where the spectator can be provided with all the merchandise for the cultivation of his hobby.

An Opel GT well prepared by Conrero
An Opel GT well prepared by Conrero

In the same way, having a map of the circuit and the program with the schedules and the entry lists at hand in advance will be very useful.

This list of entries in the different races, printed from the organizer's website, occupies 35 pages clean of dust and straw, which gives us an idea of ​​the magnitude of the event.

Tickets cost 38 euros per person per day, being possible to get a ticket valid for the entire weekend for 58 euros. The classic motorsport fan will never have made better use of every euro spent to access the Nürburgring circuit that on the occasion of the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix.

Numerous free car parks are located at a reasonable distance from the main entrances. The closest ones are either reserved by clubs and event organizations, or are paid.

Not a participant escapes passing the technical inspection (TÜV)
Not a participant escapes passing the technical inspection (TÜV)

The ideal way to go to a few days of enjoyment of the activity without having to compete in the circuit is to register in the activities of one of the many clubs that attend with their members, being then possible to access the large areas behind the wheel of your own car reserved inside. Sporadically, there are Spanish license plates that venture among those of other countries with larger representations.


Taking a previous look at the lists of participants, we discover the variety and quantity of registered brands, not only the best known such as Jaguar, Ferrari or Porsche, but also others that are difficult to admire on other occasions.

A Maserati A6GCS from 1954 and a Porsche 550 from 1959 were entered in Carrera 4 (GT until 1961), although perhaps the most outstanding in their class was the Ferrari 250GT SWB "Breadvan" from 1961. Bugatti 35 and 37 from 1930 and 1928 respectively were not lacking in Race 5 (historical GP cars until 1960), in which Connaught from 1954 and Scarab Offenhauser from 1960 also participated.

In Race 6, dedicated to historic F1 cars, exotic names like Wolverine (1965), Royale RP6 (1971) or Abarth Osella (1973) were present. A variety of Ferrari 250 SWB, Porsche 904 GTS and Aston Martin DB4 GT contested the Carrera 7, from GT until 1965; while two very rare Alfa Romeo 8C Monza from 1931 and 1932 They did not hesitate to take on the 4 Maserati 1934CM, 1948 Veritas RS and 43 Bugatti 1928 in Race 8 of vintage pre-1940 vehicles.

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Credit: User SF2819, from Youtube

The Carrera 9 was a BMW monoculture; therefore a boundless binge for fans of the Munich brand as every conceivable version and modification could be admired: 3.0 CSL Alpina, 2800 CS Schnitzer, Groups A, Groups N and M1 Procar evolved in great abundance.

In the Carrera 10 touring cars from after the war to 1965 were huddled in a motley set that ranged from Porsche 356 to Ford Mustang, through Lotus Cortina or Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint.

The peculiarity of Races 11 and 12 is that they took place on the Nordschleife or, what is the same, the old northern track of the Nürburgring, with the largest participation. The Historic Marathon It lasts 150 minutes for the participants in Race 12 and 210 minutes for those registered in Race 11, the longest and hardest of the weekend.

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Credit:, from Youtube


This was one of the participating Alphas Monza, painted in a curious turquoise blue (Por Brian snelson)

In Carrera 13 (Vintage), reserved for the oldest vehicles starting with those manufactured in the twenties, the aforementioned Alfa Romeo 8C Monza were active, possibly the highest priced cars on the current market that venture to the risks of the circuit competition.

At the other end, Carrera 14 (Revival DTM / STW) supported relatively recent vehicles, such as Mercedes-Benz 190 Evo II or BMW M3 DTM, manufactured in the XNUMXs.


Starting on Friday, August 9, one of the highlights of the Oldtimer Grand Prix is ​​the Historic Marathon traditionally held on the old track or Nordschleife, which with its 22 kilometers is the longest and most difficult circuit in the world of classics in Europe. The Germans Daniela Ellerbrock and Alexander Furiani with Alfa Romeo Giulia won the race, followed by Reinhold Gröpper and Horst Walther with Ford Mustang.

The Spanish Carles Barangé and Enrique Clua, with Porsche 356 C, they rose to a discreet 21st place in the overall standings among the 35 teams that finished the race.

From Saturday the 10th to Sunday the 11th of August, it would be practically impossible to go into details of all the events that were happening without pause, both on the track and off it.

Folch wins third position on the starting grid
Folch wins third position on the starting grid

However, we should highlight the Gentlemen Drivers races, reserved for GT vehicles manufactured up to 1965 and, due to their importance for the international championship, the historic FIA Masters Formula 1 race, both with Spanish participation.

In the first, Joaquín Folch raced with a beautiful Jaguar E Roadster adorned with stickers from the Montjuich Team although registered in England, with which, teaming up with the British Simon Hardfiel, he could only qualify in fourth place, resulting in Alex Buncombe winning in another Jaguar E .

As regards the FIA ​​Masters Formula 1 championship, the weekend was largely dominated by Brits Michael Lyons (Williams FW07) and Steve Hartley (Arrows A4). Both took the first two places on the starting grid in the two races (with pole for Lyons), finishing Saturday's in the same order.

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Credit: Blog Autogefuehl, from Youtube

On Sunday, Joaquin Folch managed with Brabham BT49C to sand between the two, Lyons and Hartley, and finish the race in second position. Having started in third place Folch fell to fifth place but managed to come back to finish second.

The views from any corner of the Nürburgring, especially from the raised floors of the buildings surrounding the paddock, are excellent, leaving no room for a minute of monotony. In the opinion of many fans of all nationalities that populate the circuit, the Nürburgring has the best room with views it's from the season.

On Saturday at noon, all conceivable models and variations of the Porsche 911 gathered on the track, which under the efficient organization of Porsche Classic celebrated the brand's 50th anniversary. The caravan was chaired by Derek Bell and although fans from countries geographically closest to Germany participated in a massive way, license plates from points further away from Europe such as Sweden, Norway, Finland or Russia could also be seen.

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Credit: Hans-Günter Diederich, from Youtube

Derek Bell would also be tasked with driving the Porsche 956/007 on the Nordschleife on Sunday. one of the fastest in the history of the Group C world championship, which competed in the 1983 season and still holds the record for the fastest lap on the famous German circuit.

In 1983, the ill-fated Stefan Bellof set the Nordschleife record in an unbeatable and unbeaten time of 6'11. On the 30th anniversary of the record, Derek Bell returned to the track with the same car.

As an anecdote, on Sunday morning, while having an orange juice in the Porsche operations center, the head of organization of the factory commented to this chronicler minutes before transferring the car from the central paddock of the Nürburgring to the Nordschleife that the start it would be two hours behind schedule in relation to the schedule provided in the official program.

The reason was that the fans had made numerous graffiti on the asphalt, as is traditional, to encourage the participants in the Classic Marathon on Friday. The paint makes the track slippery and a work team was in charge of removing it before the entry of the 956 for proper tire grip.

A Simplex La France remembers its participation in the Peking-Paris
A Simplex La France remembers its participation in the Peking-Paris

Under the huge marquee of the excellent magazine Klassik engine, The most widely read in Germany in its specialty, there was an interesting exhibition of cars participating and winners of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in a celebration of the 90th anniversary of the famous endurance race.

Among the vehicles present were several directly from the Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. It was possible to admire them while sipping a coffee in beautiful cups especially edited by Motor Klassik or leafed through the latest editorial news on the subject at hand.

Not far from there, a large enclosure was inhabited by the Jaguar brand, which had featured some historic Type C and D vehicles to dress the presentation of its new supercar, the C-X75. It is a hybrid of 1.600 cc, 862 hp and 7-speed automatic transmission capable of a maximum speed of 354 km / h.

The price was not communicated but, as they say, whoever needs to ask for it will not be able to purchase it.

Presentation of the Alfa Romeo 4C
Presentation of the Alfa Romeo 4C

Jaguar was not the only brand that presented a new model; Alfa Romeo took advantage of the large concentration of clubs of its loyal fans to introduce the 4C. A car that will give a lot to talk about with its lightweight carbon frame and composite body, designed to be the competition of the Porsche Cayman. The prices will decide the game. The car in the photo in view of the readers corresponds to a limited series of 500 copies, Launch Edition, sold at € 61.000 per unit.

Throughout the weekend surprises arose at every turn, not only in the field of supercars, but also in parts rediscovered or difficult to find elsewhere such as a 356 Porsche 1950, the oldest Porsche of the present decorated. also with accessories of the time, or a Simplex American La France, participant in the Peking-Paris rally of 1907.

Especially when the sun shines on the weekend, the Nürburgring becomes a destination where true fans of classic motorsport mingle with ordinary tourists and onlookers who, by passing through the ticket office, contribute favorably to reducing the dangerous deficit of the management company. In my many years of attending the Oldtimer Grand Prix I had never seen the stands so crowded as this time.


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